Black Flowers is a fuzzy sonic rollercoaster. Cranking up slowly with the band’s trademark eerie guitars and ethereal vocals, the track plummets with foot-stomping riffs and two hands in the air catchy hooks. In some ways more akin to a symphony than a rock track, the band ebb and flow through distinct sections, climaxing with a grungey crescendo accelerando. The band hooked up with videographers and actors from Germany, France and the UK for the short-film music video. Featuring cameos by frontman Tom and bassist Arthur, the short-film follows sightseeing backpacker Celine around Paris. Unfulfilled by the traditional tourist hotspots she stumbles into an unexpected adventure while doing a good deed. Raphael Federer - DoP, Editor and Colorist Joseph Simmons - Writer, producer, director, editor  

“We collaborated with a cinematographer who’s had their work featured at Cannes Film Festival to create the video visuals for the track #FUNTIMES. It was filmed at the disused American Cold War listening station in Berlin, Teufelsberg (German for Devil’s Mountain). We were really inspired by the abressive grunge-punk-funk sound of the track and site’s history and how it has since become a hotspot for street artists, musicians and videographers.”  

Camera / Edit: Ritvars Bluka  

Style: Liga Banga

Join us for a #fake ‘live-streamed’ performance to celebrate the launch of our new single “Digital Madness”.